17 Years In Intermission


I was just a kid when I began my work at Cafe Intermezzo, working my way up from busser, bar manager, to supervisor, event coordinator & ultimately management. During the 17 years I worked at Cafe Intermezzo, I also held other management postions in retail. I assisted the manager of Canyon, a high end retail store in, Phipps Plaza as well as managing Godiva Chocolatier in Lenox Square.

I have always had a strong work ethic and have been a spirited entrepreneur at heart since I first began working. Over each holiday season I have made a number of different companies holiday cards with my sister company The Jess Press. The Jess Press allows for me to take your events to whole new heights, adding personalization & design details that will leave a lasting mark.

When I was growing up, my mother was a huge force in PR & marketing in the Atlanta area. I grew up in this industry; it is in my blood to use what I have learned from my mother & my working knowledge with Cafe Intermezzo. I have catered coffee & dessert for Atlanta for 17 years, now making it possible to do the same for you in your homes & businesses for celebrations & client appreciations of all kinds.
Certified Bartender*Certified Event Coordinator*17 years as a Certified Barista

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