17 Years In Intermission


I was just a kid when I began my work at Cafe Intermezzo, working my way up from busser, bar manager, to supervisor, event coordinator & ultimately management. During the 17 years I worked at Cafe Intermezzo, I also held other management postions in retail. I assisted the manager of Canyon, a high end retail store in, Phipps Plaza as well as managing Godiva Chocolatier in Lenox Square.

I have always had a strong work ethic and have been a spirited entrepreneur at heart since I first began working. Over each holiday season I have made a number of different companies holiday cards with my sister company The Jess Press. The Jess Press allows for me to take your events to whole new heights, adding personalization & design details that will leave a lasting mark.

When I was growing up, my mother was a huge force in PR & marketing in the Atlanta area. I grew up in this industry; it is in my blood to use what I have learned from my mother & my working knowledge with Cafe Intermezzo. I have catered coffee & dessert for Atlanta for 17 years, now making it possible to do the same for you in your homes & businesses for celebrations & client appreciations of all kinds.
Certified Bartender*Certified Event Coordinator*17 years as a Certified Barista

Allow us to put together the event you have been dreaming of. Contact me today!

One thought on “17 Years In Intermission

  1. How ironic that we would have an opportunity to meet at the Cafe Intermezzo during CRAVE’s meet and greet. Sometimes its funny how life can lead us in am unexpected direction. I feel the same about my business! At times the signs don’t seem clear or we’re truly not ready to take that leap, but then something happens and you’re left with not choice but to go in the direction life has steered you in. I applaud you!

    Jenee Dionne
    Jurney Jurray Jewelry

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