Engagement Party Turned Surprise Wedding

Hard to believe it has been a whole year as of April 10 since my friends, Devon & Nalicia got married. I was hired by Nalicia to coordinate a dessert table for her intimate backyard engagement party, little did I know that my friends had planned to marry that night the whole time! I am not sure anyone who attended the party, knew it would become the sweetest surprise wedding we would witness for a long time, if ever. Image

Everyone was completely touched by the truly romantic nature of the surprise, an hour into the party, Nalicia came out in her wedding dress, a stunning ethereal/bohemian dress with a lovely bustle, that a friend handmade for her. Her handsome groom, also in white awaits as she walks down the aisle. Image

Little did Nalicia know, we had a little surprise ourselves, in designing the dessert bar to really show this, shall we say, adventurous couples personalities, we custom made the little trees with hearts dremeled into them as well as designed the cake with snowflakes that matched Nalicias tattoo almost exactly. Image

Happy one year anniversary, Devon & Nalicia Allio! It was truly an honor to be a part of such an incredible celebration,  wishing you so much goodness and adventure, the two of you are few and far between! ImagePhotos courtesy of Cristy Lee Photography


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