I got my wings!

One of the most joyful things I get out of my work is repeat clients, coordinating your life celebrations, no matter the occasion. I have had the true pleasure of meeting and working with this bride on her wedding and privileged to share in planning her bridal shower, bridal luncheon, and rehearsal dinner as well.


I had a moment where this truly wonderful woman, had her father/daughter dance to the same song my father and I danced to, 10 years earlier, almost to the day. Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. I wasn’t sad, mind you, I was completely overjoyed with the weight and beauty of that moment, for my client, for my memories with my father and for my brides new life as Mrs. Dodd.



So, instead of turning into a puddle right there, I took this moment to take a walk outside and around the event space, being sure things were going smooth behind the scenes. When I went outside I saw the 4 year old, ring bearer, named Solomon and his mother. I went to see how they were enjoying themselves, when suddenly bees swarmed from underneath were Sol was playing. He was completely freaked out, as he had been stung by 6 bees.


I ran to see if I could find someone with any tobacco. I found a lady who was smoking and asked her for a couple cigarettes to put on the little boys stings. Quickly, I ran back to Sol, his mom and dad and made a paste out of the tobacco adding a little water to it. It seemed that just in applying this to the stings the tears slowed a bit, hopefully relieving him of any pain.



Sol’s mom sent me a pair of wings, I had complemented Sol’s red ones at the rehearsal dinner. She sent me orange ones, perfect! And once again the universe is telling me I am in the right place at the right time, able to help with a trick I learned from my dad. He had done the same to me when I was a kid. Sweet, I earned my wings!